Wednesday, March 16, 2011



They came out looking pretty dinky. Maybe the basket was too big for it. I thought the meat was a bit flavourless. 

Sixty-piece sashimi boat.
It didn't actually come out on a boat, and I guess that's fine as long as the sashimi is good. The tuna tasted chewy and stringy. The sweet shrimp looked pretty sad and beaten flat. The other items were okay.

But wait! What we ordered should have had scallop and cuttlefish. And at least five different types of fish.
So here's where taking pictures of your food comes in handy. We hadn't realized that we were missing these items until we looked at the menu again to order more. When the waitress asked us if everything was okay, we told her about the missing sashimi. It would have been hard to prove, but we had taken pictures of it prior to eating it all. Normally, we wouldn't have bothered, but we had ordered the 60 piece  dish specifically for the cuttlefish and scallop. The next thing that happened was quite the shocker. We showed the waitress the picture, and her response was, "Oh good! You have a picture. Can I borrow your camera to show the chef?" We were kind of expecting her to say something like, "Oh, sorry. We ran out." We were all taken aback by her willingness to help us get our missing seafood. Taking a look at the picture again, I think they might have given us the 30-piece dish by mistake. 

I think this is the Ginza roll.
It's nice. It's got the crunchy, deep fried soft shell crab in the middle.

The waitress came back with the items missing from our first dish.
We were glad we spoke up about it since I found these to be more satisfying than the other sashimi. The scallops were pretty large and soft. The cuttlefish had that stickiness to it, and it wasn't chewy.

Enoki mushrooms wrapped in beef.
These were huge and difficult to eat.

It was cooked too long for my liking. 

Tempura green tea ice cream.
The outer shell was a thick battered layer. I liked the chocolate sauce on it, but the shell was too much on the thick and mushy side. 

Would I return? Probably, only because I was impressed with the waitress's handling of the situation. Though, I wondered what would've happened if we hadn't taken a picture of the dish before eating it. I think the scallops and cuttlefish were good, and I'd trust the rolls. I think items here are hit or miss. 

Total damage: $15 per person (4 people) thanks to Mel's online group coupon. 

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