Monday, March 21, 2011


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That 30% off box was actually 50% off. Yaay!

There was a large amount of tobiko on top of the green tea rice roll. 
The green tea taste is kind of cool, but the fact that they've been refrigerated for so long made the sushi kind of stiff. It's $0.05 for each extra packet of soya sauce. The wasabi packet was nose-drippingly spicy. It stung more than most restaurant wasabi that I've had.

One thing to note about Galleria's new location is that it's a lot less exciting. There's a massive wall dividing the grocery store, and it just gets in the way. There's no more outside stand that sells those red bean fish-shaped fried treats, and there's no central freshly cooked food area. Part of why I used to like Galleria so much was for the outside stand, and the hot dog sticks wrapped in fish cake. They also don't have as much randomness, like crazy fridges for sale (e.g. Swarovski fridge). They did, however, have my favourite msg crackers. 

When I went to purchase my discount sushi, I was really taken aback by just how polite the cashier was. There was a greeting, a "thank you", and she handed my change back to me with two hands. Two hands! Considering the treatment I get in regular grocery stores, I was super impressed. Something about her manners made me think that she wasn't born here. 

Would I return? Yes, I need more msg crackers, and I like people with good manners. Cheap discount sushi is good for people on a tight budget who need dinner - late at night. 

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