Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cafe Polonez


Agnes wanted to share some of her Polish culture with us so we went to this authentic Polish restaurant in the West end somewhat near Dundas West station.

Meat cutlets.
Crispy fried outside. Meaty interior. I approve. I also approve of the whack load of dill on the potatoes. Agnes said that her dad usually makes them with a bit more seasoning. I thought they still had enough taste though.

Viv's potato pancake with a side of pierogies looked a bit more exciting than my food.
I tried some of the potato pancake, and it was pretty good if a little greasy tasting. The dumplings tasted like Chinese dumplings on the outside, but the meat was more loose and shredded. 

Would I return? Yes. Agnes can vouch for the authenticity, and there were other interesting dishes at our table that I wouldn't mind trying next. Notably, the white borscht soup Ricardo ordered looked delicious, and the potato dumpling thingies looked pretty good too. 

Total damage: $18 for my meal and pop. 

Thanks to Agnes for showing me new food!

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