Monday, March 14, 2011

Dumpling King


The Dumpling King greets us right as we walk into this small restaurant. His English isn't the greatest, but it isn't an issue most of the time because we order by checking boxes on a piece of paper. Even if we don't speak Chinese to him, he still shows a good amount of hospitality. 

Steamed seafood dumplings ($5.99)

Fried (or "pried") beef and onion dumplings ($5.99)

Pork noodles ($3.99)

I've actually been avoiding this place since that "dumpling princess incident", which I still haven't gotten to posting. Hoping Dumpling King would forget who I was, we decided to give it a try again. The dumpling portions are still decently large. The homemade noodles looked healthy, but I liked them. The only thing is that I think the noodles absorbed too much of the broth which made them a bit sticky and chewy. This might have been avoided by eating them sooner. I like the taste the preserved vegetables add to the soup. The deep fried dumplings weren't as juice exploding as the first time I went here (it was really messy), but they weren't bad. Dumpling King warned us of their extreme heat as he brought it out to us. We could taste the seafood in the steamed seafood dumplings. 

It was actually quite a bit of food between the two of us, but we managed to finish. 

Would I return? Yes... more likely if I can be sure Dumpling Princess won't be there. This place is a no frills Chinese dumpling place. They also have a list of sides that we have enjoyed on previous occasions. I like the fact that the noodles are homemade. Prices are decent and portions are respectable. Place is a bit small for seating. It can probably seat about twelve people maximum in the whole restaurant.

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