Monday, January 24, 2011



This is a Chinese-owned all you can eat Japanese food restaurant. We weren't really up for all you can eat, so we opted to order individual items √† la carte. 

Golden shrimp
It's shrimp wrapped in thin noodles of sweet potato, then deep fried. I like the crunchiness of the fried part and the sauce. The idea is cool, but the shrimp tasted a bit too mushy for me. 

Beef and green onion roll.
I tried to bite into it, but the green onion just wouldn't be cut by my teeth. It's one of those foods that you just need to shove all in your mouth at one go. I think there was too much green onion. The enoki wrapped in pork was much better.

Salmon roe sushi.
It's one of my favourite types of sushi. It's salty on its own and requires no addition of soy sauce.

Mel and Josie's sashimi.
They said the salmon melted in their mouths. We were all impressed that they had scallop sashimi available.

Would I return? Yes. The selection seems pretty decent for an all-you-can-eat place and so does the quality. Plus, the servers are pretty nice (as opposed to the usual indifferent attitudes of other nearby AYCE restaurants). 

Total damage: $6.10 + tax + tip for my golden shrimp, been and green onion rolls, and salmon roe sushi.

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