Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Village by the Grange food Court

I think this place was called Ked Ked's or something along those lines.

This was number 17 on the menu, and it's pretty much stir fried beef, broccoli on steamed white rice.
The portion might not be as impressive as the other places in the same food court, but the beef was pretty good. What was strange was that the girl sprinkled a rather large amount of pepper on top right before closing the box and handing it to me. Had it been anyone but me receiving the take-out, he or she might have been deeply disturbed. I was okay with it because that's what I used to do to all my food when I was little.

Would I return? Maybe. The price is right, but I might want to try the other options first. The food wasn't exactly instant, as the chef in the back was cooking most things to order. There was a vat of curry sitting in a heated tray in front, but I wasn't too interested. 

Total damage:  approximately $5 + tax.

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