Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cho Won

Cho Won Family Restaurant (17 Drewry Avenue, North York, Ontario)

Complimentary appetizers.
The spicy white radishes tasted weirdly of citrus fruit flavour. The beans were harder than I'm used to.

Tofu chigae.
It was slightly spicy, but not really mouth burning. The pork pieces in it all had a large layer of fat on them, and they were a bit stiff as far as meat goes. The beef in Jess's soup was of similar texture.

Jon's pork bone soup looked a little more exciting. 

Their paper place mat made me think something along the lines of 'real estate agents by day, restaurant owners by night'. It's probably just advertising space.

They had a poster on the wall for this bottle of Jinro. It's now on my list of things to try.

Would I return? Sure. The prices are very reasonable, and I wouldn't mind getting the pork bone soup next time. There were also a lot of signs on the wall for specials, but they were written in Korean only. This place also offers the "secret Korean beer/soju specials" at the back of the menu - also written only in Korean.

Total damage: $8.

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