Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Kaori Japanese Restaurant (30 High Tech Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario)

Complimentary appetizers and salad
I usually like the chunky sauce for the salad, but it was a bit salty this time - too much soy sauce or something.

Dumpling and rice cake soup
It's actually quite filling. The dumplings are boiled and fall apart a little too easily sometimes, but I still managed to finish the whole bowl. 

Would I return? Yeah, the place is pretty comfortable with its booth seating lining the walls. Our server was a lot more smiley this time than the ones we got on our previous visits. Jo noted that the white rice that came with her tofu soup had sesame oil at the bottom in addition to the Julienne vegetables and seaweed on top. I think I prefer the Korean dishes to their Japanese ones, and there isn't much Korean restaurant competition in the near vicinity.

Total damage: approximately $10 + tax + tip.

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