Monday, January 3, 2011

Mr. Greek


Usually in this plaza of abundant restaurants, it's pretty easy to count on Mr. Greek to have free tables; however, there were quite a few more customers than expected. 

Normally, the complimentary bread is warm and doused in butter. It seemed a bit lacking (in warmth and seasoning) last time.

Fried calamari
They had a special spicy menu which turned out to be items on the regular menu but with spicy sauce. I actually prefer the regular tzatziki sauce. The tentacles tasted better than the rings, texture-wise and flavour-wise.

Classic gyro dinner
The gyro is pretty consistent every time I go here. It's good enough that it's pretty much the only thing I order.

Would I return? Probably. I don't like waiting for seating at the other restaurants nearby, and who doesn't love a plate loaded with meat?

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