Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Man Doo Hyang


I finally ordered something different at the place I refer to as Yuna Kim. The weather simply called for something that was not hot soup noodles.

I decided to try the cold noodles, but that wasn't available for some reason. So I got the cold noodles in soy bean broth.
The noodles are not the same handmade noodles as the ones in hot broth. Instead, these noodles are thinner, chewier, and seem a little more translucent. I prefer the other ones. The broth doesn't really taste like the sweet soy bean drink that I thought it would. Instead, the soy bean taste is really faint, and maybe that's why it's served with a small dish of salt that looked like flaked up snow that wouldn't melt. Noodle portion was more than enough for me. It reminded me of the Chinese cold peanut sauce noodles at Mr. Panino in Waterloo. I'd kind of want to try what the other cold noodles in different broth tasted like. Maybe next time.

Berta and I also split a plate of kimchi flavoured giant dumplings. The deep-fried ones weren't available. 
It should be noted that the kimchi dumplings still have meat in them.

Would I return? Yes. It's comfortable and casual enough for me. The food tastes good to me for the right price. If their alcohol prices haven't gone up, that's a plus, too. The giant dumplings are exciting, and it's even more exciting when they have the deep-fried dumplings available. I'm also a fan of their filling handmade noodles and their mini boiled beef dumpling side dish. 

Total damage: $13 for my share.

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