Sunday, May 8, 2011

Man Doo Hyang


It's been a while since I've been to this dumpling restaurant. Most of it hasn't changed; they still have the picture of Yuna Kim in her "future trophy wife" shirt (classic) and they still have complimentary dumplings.
Complimentary appetizers.
I liked that there was actual crunch to the kimchi vegetables. My taste buds are also partial to daikon radish. The mini dumplings are a great start to the meal.

Homemade noodles in broth. $5.99.
I get this every time. I really do like their handmade noodles. It's got the right amount of bounce to it. The broth has enough flavour for me not to require any additional sauces. And just like on previous visits, it's still filling as ever. Lorne, who is rarely full from anything, was full when he was done his noodles with dumplings in them (and his share of the deep-fried dumplings).

Deep-fried dumplings. $6.99.
The last few times we were here, we had to pre-order these because they always ran out by the time we were there, but there was no issue this time. These crispy, monstrously-sized, optionally kimchi-flavoured delights came out hot and fresh.

Would I return? Yup. It feels authentically Korean and I'm a sucker for their handmade noodles and giant dumplings, especially the deep-fried ones. I think their domestic beer is now $2.99, unless I was reading the sign incorrectly... I was guessing because it was all in Korean on the wall. It was pretty empty except for a few takeout orders on the Thursday evening that I went. Just as well... as long as they stay in business and have enough room for me and my friends.

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