Friday, May 6, 2011

Hiro Sushi

So the restaurant is a little too new for me to find any location or contact details online yet. 

Miso soup that came with my meal.

Salad that came with my meal.
There was a lot of sauce on this salad. I appreciated the little things like tomato and cucumber.

My Parkview Sushi dinner.
The chef's choice of roll was a little underwhelming. Four of those pieces were California rolls with tobiko. The other two were spicy tuna with crunchy flakes (tempura bits, I think). I liked the tuna pieces. As for the other sushi pieces, there was a lot of salmon, but they tasted okay. There weren't any particularly exciting varieties. The pieces of fish were quite large, draping off the edge of the rice lumps quite nicely. As I was biting into one of them, I discovered an extra huge lump of wasabi holding the raw fish to the rice.

Dolo's bento box. 
Quite monstrous. She seemed to like the tuna roll with the spicy mayo on top.

Would I return? Maybe. It's not bad, but it's not cheap for what it is either. Service is pretty friendly, and they're quick on the tea refills. Dolo's bento box did look pretty exciting.

Total damage: $13.99 for my meal + tax + tip.

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