Monday, May 30, 2011

Man Doo Hyang


Yet another visit to Yuna Kim

These giant deep-fried dumplings were pre-ordered half a day ahead of time.
There were actually six dumplings on the plate before I took the picture. The dumplings came out burning hot and those who bit into it without fear made juice squirt out of it. 

I split a bowl of handmade noodles with Casey and this combined with the dumplings was about the right amount of food for me.
I like these squishy, pouffy noodles that are slightly rough around the edges. Broth is salty enough, too.

Inside a kimchi dumpling. 
They're not too spicy. 

Would I return? Yup, I always do. The dumplings and noodles are consistent. And as Jo would say, it's so authentic that there is potential for communication problems. Renée had a bit of trouble pre-ordering the dumplings over the phone, but she managed to do that after some time and make reservations (under her fake name that is more easily pronounceable). When we asked for the fried dumplings, they told us they were sold out, but we made it known that we were the ones who pre-ordered them, and they understood. Good thing we phoned in ahead of time otherwise Casey would have been sad. Their beer prices are now $3.99 each (up from $2.50 since we first came here), but the soju is still $9.99.

Total damage: $10 for my share.

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