Saturday, May 7, 2011

Café Aries


I'm actually not sure whether this place is called Aries Café or if it's called Café Aries. The sign is a bit confusing. 

This Korean-owned cafe is decorated in a fun way with balloons on the ceiling. I kind of like the environment it creates. There are coffee and cake combos, but not with the hazelnut coffee I ordered.

Hazelnut coffee with cappuccino cake.
The coffee didn't really have that super strong hazelnut flavour that I get from the instant kind at the grocery store, but it was maybe a little too subtle. The cake slice was a bit small. The cream was more of a mousse, and the flavour was really light. The top had a clear, shiny, glaze over it. The cake had that not-so-sweet Asian dessert feel to it. Makes sense since this is Koreatown after all. 

Dolo's cheesecake.
It had a homemade taste to it. I thought it was nice, but Dolo prefers denser cheesecake. It also had the clear, shiny glaze over it.

Would I return? I might. It seems like a good, relaxed environment to sit and talk over coffee. The prices aren't ridiculous, and the cakes were okay enough. I actually read that the ginger tea was supposed to be pretty potent, so I might go back to try that.

Total damage: approximately $5-6 for my cake and coffee.

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