Friday, May 27, 2011

Health Herb Harmony


Walnut soup paste ($4.50).
I think I've been mixing up the cashew and walnut flavours... I now know that the darker coloured one is the walnut one. It is this one that I like because it has a stronger flavour to it, and it seems thicker. I actually tried to order the cashew one this time (thinking it would be the darker walnut soup), but the girl kindly explained that they were out and that most people ordered the walnut one anyway. It had the soup skin layer on top, but that disappeared after I mixed it. I'm a fan of the strong nutty taste.

Steamed tofu dessert soup.
The tofu was really soft, and I liked it. 

Would I return? Yeah, it's the only place where I get my walnut paste soup, and there's a student discount (but we forgot to have them apply that).

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