Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Food

Hamburger Helper, made by Andrew.

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
They have this distinct doughy taste that I find a little odd, if not nostalgic. 

A cracker, cheese and deli meat dinner from Walmart. Not everyone can afford to eat fancy food every day. It went well with the green tea and Chivas, though. 

Josie's crackers of choice: Ritz. Mine: Triscuit (cracked pepper and olive oil).

My lazy way of making macaroni and cheese involves throwing cheese on cooked macaroni and baking. 

Frozen stuffed chicken breasts.
These taste better than they look. They'd look better if they didn't explode from the top.

Hot pot at Sheila and Jon's place.
Nothing beats a Jesus table full of food. People (friends) around you will cook the food in boiling water and hopefully serve it to you.

There were these cool fish-shaped fish cakes that cleared out fast. 

My favourite brand of instant noodles in cup form:
For some reason, the noodles taste different in the cup... it's probably all in my head.

This package tasted like imitation Nongshim instant noodles.  
 They were also spicy and delicious.
I added the soy beans because I felt like I needed to eat some vegetables.

Asparagus, mushrooms, and penne.
It's plain, but easy to make.

The chicken was leftover from the whole roasted chicken that I had purchased.
I like soft carrots, so I boil them until they're mushy.

Fried rice: with "holiday meat". Sadly, I used imitation SPAM.
 Fried rice is best made with leftover rice that has less moisture than freshly cooked rice.

My version of salad.
 I add fruit and cheese to spinach so that I don't have to buy salad dressing.

French toasted peanut butter sandwich.
I made it super eggy. And again, I drizzled sweet liquor over it in the pan because I didn't have syrup. Works for me. No playful face on it because I didn't have any bananas. 

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