Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ten Ren's


Ten Ren has some decently priced lunch specials during the weekdays. 

I ordered this grandpa noodles combo.
It comes with three mini sides (2 vegetable, 1 spring roll), and a small salad (that has raisins). The yolk part of the boiled egg was kind of dry, but expected. The grandpa noodles were okay but pretty plain. It also came with a drink, and I chose mango iced tea (I think). The drink was pretty refreshing and light tasting.

It should be noted that different Ten Ren locations have different prices. I've heard that the Ten Ren at Empress Walk on Yonge Street is noticeably cheaper than the one on Highway 7. 

Lorraine mentioned that she didn't actually like their noodles that much, but that it was a good place to hang out and talk. I have to agree that it wasn't empty, but it was peaceful enough to have a lengthy conversation without screaming or being rushed out. 

Total damage: free for me thanks to Lorraine!

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