Sunday, May 8, 2011



Chocolate milkshake.
I ordered this because I'm honestly sick of getting artificial mango-flavoured beverages at bubble tea joints. It was okay. It had that artificial chocolate ice cream taste to it.

Would I return? I guess. It's basically a large place to hang out. It's a two-floor Asian hang out place with really high ceilings, and pricey drinks. The second storey is for larger groups. This place serve the youngish Asian crowd with money. And Jay Chou. Apparently he was there after his concert in Toronto.

Though for about the same price, I must say that I'd probably rather go to Starbucks and get one of their fatty frappuccinos... which are now half price during 3-5 p.m. until May 15th. Their drinks aren't astonishing either, but Java chip makes me happy sometimes.

Total damage: approximately $5.

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