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I don't know what this is called, but it's the first item on the first page of the menu. Based on how many people are at your table is how many portions you should probably order. It all goes in the same pan though. So the six of us ordered 3 portions of the chicken type, and 3 portions of the seafood type. (I think the seafood one is the second item on the first page of the menu.)

They come and cook it in front of you at your table. It sits there, and they come by and stir it once in a while. When it's done, they take it off the heat and let you know that you can dig in.

This is the seafood dish, and you can see the extra cheese bits that we ordered, as well as the rice cakes.

 We also ordered instant noodles to go in them. All of the add-ins are extra, I think.

Side dishes included kimchi, broccoli, mashed potato ball, and white radish sticks.

The end product looks like it could be spaghetti and meatballs from far away, but it's not. I remember when my friend added cheese to instant noodles when we were younger, and I thought it was gross, but it totally works here for me. Casey thought it was odd because it looked like Italian food, but tasted like Korean food when he ate it. The seafood plate was more exciting for me because it also included chicken.

Would I return? Yeah. The food was pretty good. There was quite a bit of seafood in the seafood dish, and the combination of cheese and Korean flavour was delicious. Prices are decent, but the portions were slightly on the small side for us.

Total damage: approximately $13 per person.

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