Friday, May 13, 2011

Pho Vietnamese Delight


Small rare beef and beef ball pho. 
The first thing I noticed is how fast the pho came out. Simon had to wait a little longer for his curry. As you can see from the picture, the beef in the soup was really rare. But beef cooks quickly and simply dunking it in the soup was enough to finish cooking it. I preferred this to overcooked slices of beef. There were a lot of green onion bits and minimal oil droplets floating at the top of the soup. The broth had a pretty strong taste. I thought there was quite a bit of noodles in my small, but Renée and Simon thought that there are more noodles at Pho 88. Just as well, I was so full after this meal that I couldn't sit up straight anymore. 

Simon had ordered a curry with rice. Renée could smell the coconut coming from the curry. The curry wasn't really spicy at all. The rice looked a bit soggy. Simon noticed that the chicken was cold. When he told the staff, they took both the curry and rice away and brought him a new batch. The new rice was still soggy, but that wasn't his initial complaint anyway - the new chicken curry was steaming. Renée was impressed that they were so compliant to Simon's complaint. She expected them to argue with him. 

Would I return? Maybe. I'd probably stick with the pho though, than order their curry. It's fast and filling. Also, their cartoon cow logo amuses me.

Total damage: $7-something.

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