Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Man Doo Hyang

Man Doo Hyang (6068 Yonge Street, North York, Ontario)

Handemade dumplings and noodles in soup.
This bowl of soup noodles comes with three giant dumplings. Your choices of dumpling are beef, kimchi, or half-half, which is just two kimchi and one beef. I got half-half.

Beer is now $2.75 (increased by $0.25 since the last time I was here).

Giant fried dumplings!
For the past couple of visits, we were always told that they were sold out of these, and that we had to order them in advance. So that's exactly what Kevin and Andrea did for our table so we could all finally enjoy the fried dumplings together. I was recently informed of the reason for the pre-ordering: for the fried dumplings, they need to make the dumplings a day in advance so that they can dry properly before frying them. They usually make them with day old dumplings. Renée and I never used to have problems getting them probably because we went for lunch as opposed to dinner, and they were probably not sold out for the day yet.

We pre-ordered three plates of the fried dumplings. When we asked which ones were spicy, the girl told us to break them open and if they were red inside, they were spicy.

This one is spicy:
And delicious.

Mel, who doesn't eat carbs, ordered the oyster soup thing.

Would I return? Yes! The quality is pretty consistent, and though the domestic beer prices have gone up a bit, they're still cheaper than most places. Also, the soju is still $9.99. Oh, and the giant fried dumplings are pretty exciting. 

It was also super smart of the staff to provide our large table with the breakdown of the bill (by type of item order) on separate pieces of paper. She did this without us asking for it. 

Total damage: $17 for my dumpling soup noodles, beer, and my 1.5 share of fried dumplings. 

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