Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Golden Thai

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 11:30am - close
Saturday - Sunday: 5:00pm - close

The closing hours on the website aren't very descriptive, but it's a good thing we went here in the early evening to avoid confusion. 

Tom kha gai: chicken coconut soup.
The soups are quite large and really can serve two people, as stated on the menu. I was pretty filled after it. The mushrooms aren't fancy, the chicken soaks up the soup flavour and tastes delicious, and the coconut part of the soup is more on the subtle side. Overall, I quite enjoyed it.

Chili basil lamb on the left, and spicy eggplant on the right.
Those dishes were supposed to be spicy? Psh. The texture of the meat was okay. The vegetables were on the crunchy side. I really liked the peanut sauce that came with my sticky rice. There were manageable chunks of peanuts in it. The rice itself was a bit hard and clumpy. Berta's coconut rice seemed much more appealing.

The decor is pretty nice for the most part. There was a Thai statue in the window that was a bit scary to look at. 

Would I return? Yeah. Price is okay enough. Food is okay. Soup is great. Service is very attentive. Berta told me that the lunch specials were pretty cheap. 

Total damage: $26 for my share.

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