Monday, October 4, 2010

Xe Lua

Xe Lua Vietnamese Cuisine (254 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario)

Small #108: rare beef and beef ball pho.
Broth is decent. The dish of bean sprouts looked okay fresh. One of the beef balls had a really weird texture. Overall, everything tasted pretty decent for the price. It seems like slightly less noodles than a small at other pho places I've been to uptown, but it's also cheaper.

There were a lot of students (especially frosh) sitting in this Chinatown restaurant. I'd say that's an indication of cheap and filling food.

Would I return? I'm not sure yet. It's pretty friendly on the wallet, but my stomach was doing funny business when I got off the subway. I'm not sure if the pho was the cause of that, but I'n not ruling it out. Also, there was a sketchy character who started following us right when we left the restaurant. Blatantly following us. I'm not sure I want to go back for a while to a place with such shady people who hang around it. 

Total damage: $6.50.

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