Friday, October 15, 2010



I don't remember what this was called, but it was $30. 

The pieces of raw fish were quite soft, and melt-in-mouthable.

This plate of assorted sushi wasn't bad.

Ou! Salmon roe! I approve. There was uni and that one with the crunchy yellow roe. I've completely forgotten the name of that one, but it's my favourite!

Passionfruit gelatin dessert
Nice. The fruit has enough sourness to offset the sweetness of the white stuff.

So, after we ate the pieces of raw fish from that $30 plate, they take back the plate and fry the long strip of fish. It was a bit strange as this came out after our dessert.
Tastes like... fish chip?

Would I return? Yeah, it's good enough.

Total damage: $29 for my share.

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