Friday, October 1, 2010


If there's one thing the United States isn't short of, it's alcohol. It's everywhere there!

I've never been to a BevMo! before, so it was quite the treat when I finally walked into one. It's like never-ending aisles of glorious booze from seemingly everywhere!

A tiny fraction of what the store had to offer:

A sample of mine and Casey's combined purchases from Korbel and BevMo!.

Anchor summer beer.
Tastes light. Goes down easy. I approve.

It has a cork!
I think they mostly do wine of the fruity variety.

It looked like apple cider, and tasted a lot better with meat than it did with peach pie.
The sweet apple flavour comes out more when paired with warm, savoury foods. The beer tasted really sour when eating the peach pie. I suppose that was my fault for eating and drinking what I wanted when I wanted. 

The selection of alcohol at the Target isn't too shabby.

Total damage: lots of punches to my liver.

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