Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mongolian Hot Pot

Little Sheep Hot Pot (215 South Ellesworth, San Mateo, California, USA)

Spicy and non-spicy soup broths

House made meat balls

The unique part of Mongolian hot pot is that the soup bases have so much flavour that dipping sauce is rather unnecessary, unlike Chinese hot pot. There were plenty of whole cloves of garlic and green onions in each side of the pot. Also different from most of the hot pot places that I've been to is the fact that each item has its own price (as opposed to all you can eat). 

Would I return? Yes. I like the strong aromas from the soup base (especially the spicy side), and the house made meat balls were pretty good. They have various locations in Canada and the USA, so I won't have to go to San Mateo to experience this chain again. 

Total damage: I can't remember, but not cheap because we eat a lot.

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