Friday, September 10, 2010


Butterfly (Pier 33, San Francisco, USA)

It's happy hour? Beer, please!

Anchor Steam Beer ($3 during happy hour)
As far as I can remember, it was okay. I do like the colour though.

Oyster shooters ($1 each during happy hour)
These were awesome. Jess and Casey had to get another round of these. The bloody mary sauce added a nice flavour to the oyster meat.

Fire fried calamari ($5 for happy hour) and duck confit spring rolls ($7 during happy hour).
I remember the calamari being pretty good. They were crispy. The spring rolls were okay, but not anything special.

Garlic seared clams and mussels ($7 happy hour)
I thought the coconut curry broth tasted pretty good.

Kalua pig with butter lettuce cups ($5 happy hour)
It reminds me of the Peking duck dish where the meat is cooked with other stuff, and lettuce is provided to act like taco shells. It was pretty good, but I prefer the crispy, cheap lettuce for these methods.

This wasn't on the happy hour menu, but I wanted to try it anyway. It was bitter without being as flavourful as I would've liked.

We arrived at the restaurant during happy hour, and stayed until dinner time. We were quite pleased with the appetizers, and we wanted to try more, but I was pretty full after the appetizers. I ordered an entree anyway because what's a trip without gorging on food? 

Crab and mascarpone stuffed crispy chicken breast ($25)
This was a HUGE chunk of meat.

I had a lot of trouble finishing it. The chicken was dry, but the filling tasted very seafood like. I didn't really taste any of the mascarpone. 

The outside of the chicken was pretty crispy.

Pan seared black cod
That dumpling with the whole shrimp sticking out of it looks a bit wrong. Jess and Casey seemed to enjoy their cods.

Banana lumpia rolls ($7)
I think the foamy stuff was supposed to be coconut ice cream. They tasted like banana spring rolls. They weren't bad.

Banana bread pudding ($7)
The ice cream stayed in tact for this dessert.

Would I return? Yes. Happy hour oyster shooters were pretty amazing, and the calamari wasn't bad. Service is friendly and attentive. Although it's Asian fusion and recommended by Jess's boss, it wasn't as expensive as I thought it'd be. Also, the interior looks nice.

Total damage for three people: $141.26 USD + tip.

Thanks to Jess for some of the pictures!


  1. wow that looks exciting!!! i have never had an oyster shooter!

  2. They were very exciting! And cheap! :D