Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So pleased with my previous visit to this restaurant, I wanted to go again and try out more stuff.

This time, we went on a weekday night about an hour away from closing time. Chris was hankering for some uni, but unfortunately they didn't have any uni left that day.

Lobster sashimi boat

For an extra $5, you can have the rest of the lobster (claws and stuff) grilled for you (as opposed to not at all).
I generally prefer plain steamed lobster, but the sauce that you get tastes pretty good with the meat.

The lobster boat was pretty huge. We were moved to a larger table after we ordered it to accommodate its sheer massiveness. The boat was more like a life-sized single person raft. As nice as the display was with the rose and dry ice, it wasn't quite stable. In the middle of our meal, the lobster head almost fell on me without anybody having moved it.

The lobster sashimi was interesting. It had a bit of a crunchy texture, and it tasted really light. There were some kazunoko (herring) pieces, some toro pieces, conch (I think), octopus, salmon, tuna, etc. The tuna pieces weren't as velvety soft as last time, but the sashimi was still okay.

Would I return? Yes. I was again satisfied with the quality of the sashimi and that menu full of interesting maki still awaits me.

Total damage: $136.52 for two.

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