Thursday, September 2, 2010

Google Food

A recent trip to California led me to the opportunity to try Google food straight out of the Googleplex.

Honest Tea mango açaí white tea and a ham and egg McMarlon
Casey greeted me with this meal, and from what I ate of it, it was okay. The sad part was when the car made a sharp veer and I accidentally dropped the rest of it on the car floor... scrambled egg bits and all. Sorry Casey! The description on the bottle of the tea was pretty accurate: "just a tad sweet". 

Also available at the Googleplex: Fuze green tea.

I like this better than the Honest Tea. Maybe I just didn't like that mango acai flavour.

TCHO chocolate.
Pretty good.

I also had the chance to try some meal food from one of the Google cafeterias. There was saffron shrimp risotto and sturgeon fish that day. The fish was nicely cooked, but I wasn't super impressed with the risotto. I would've taken a picture, but somebody didn't let me. The food is pretty good for cafeteria food. I'd call it gourmet buffet... if you go early enough in the lunch hours and don't end up feasting on scraps.

It's not real, but the giant food sculptures outside one of the buildings are exciting!

Giant cupcake!

Would I return? Sure! If someone at Google wants to feed me, I'd be delighted.

Total damage: free for me thanks to Casey (and Google)!

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