Friday, September 3, 2010

Home Cooking

Cooked Meals and Random Food and Drink (San Jose/San Francisco or that vicinity, California)

My ingenious packaging...

... of beer to bring on the plane. I made good use of old tennis ball canisters.

Miller Genuine Draft.
I am unimpressed with its lack of flavour.

Steaks by Casey.
Wow! So tender and amazing! He should make these steaks all the time. I seriously have not had such a tender and delicious piece of meat in a long while, not even from a fancy restaurant. So good.

Oatmeal breakfast by Casey.
... it's oatmeal.

Steak and egg by Casey.
That steak is always awesome!

Apple slices because we're healthy like that.

Meat and rice by Casey.
That meat was super flavourful. In a good way.

More oatmeal with some brown sugar.

Milk tea?

Picnic meat at the beach! Courtesy of Casey.

Makeshift salad from spinach, pine nuts, sesame oil, and crumbled cheese.
Not terrible, but sesame oil is really strong.

Thanks to Casey for doing all the cooking and preparations of the food in this post! And again, those steaks were amazing.

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