Monday, August 15, 2011

Tsuki Izakaya


In no particular order, here are the pics:

Black sesame ice cream.
Decorated with cereal and chocolate chips. Mel and Jo found the cereal unnecessary as the supposedly crunchy bits got soggy. I didn't mind them, and I liked the chocolate chips. Mel said she's had better black sesame ice cream. Somehow, Jo ended up with the piece of green "choy" in her spoon and bit into it.

Complimentary tofu.

Grilled black cod. It is my favourite fish because it is so fatty and melts in your mouth.


Tuna tataki.

Orange sawa.
Jo liked that the orange was self-squeeze. She thought it looked fun. I'd have much rather they squeezed it in for me. Though, I guess this proves that there's fresh fruit juice in it. The added orange was sort of bonus since the drink was already citrus-flavoured. It was tasty, but it could've used more alcohol percentage.

This is the soup that Jo recommended. It was bursting with flavour and full of stuff. I think this was my favourite of the night.

Would I return? Sure. Their stuff isn't bad, and if you know what to order, it can be a good experience. 

Total damage: $60-something + tax + tip for the three of us.

All pictures courtesy of Professor Crunchy.

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