Monday, August 22, 2011

Fish Soup Noodles House

Fish Soup Noodles House (505 Highway 7 East, Markham, Ontario)

Jo and I were looking forward to some cuisine from Good Taste Shanghai only to find that it had become some Chinese vegetarian restaurant. Jo vetoed the place immediately upon reading the word "vegetarian". So we wondered around the plaza and found ourselves at Fish Soup Noodles House. Apparently, it has taken over Dow's Noodles Restaurant.

My order:
I ended up changing the broth to the original fish soup since they were bold enough to name their restaurant after it. The $7.50 combo seems pretty decent. It's a bowl of soup noodles where you choose the soup base, the type of noodles, and two toppings. Additional toppings are $1.50.

Jo's noodle set. One of her add-ins was deep fried fish skin. It was really crispy, but dipping it in the soup didn't really do it justice. It was a bit flavourless. I think it would've gone better with a saltier broth, like the one they give you at Richmond Court.

My level 2 "More Spicy" broth meant extra chilli peppers. My nose was running and my lips started to swell. They don't joke around with their spiciness. The sliced beef brisket was okay, but there weren't too many pieces. The fish dumplings were sort of like fish balls in dumpling form. I've never had them before so I'm not sure what they're supposed to taste like. I was impressed that there were other things added in, such as the piece of fake crab meat, mushrooms and okra. I thought the fish broth would be way more intense than it was. I expected MSG levels you'd find in instant noodles. But they took a different approach. It might've been the peppers in my broth, but the fish taste was subtle. 

We split an order of deep fried oysters.
These were pretty big, and I liked the crunchy batter that wasn't too thick. The oyster was soft and not chewy. I suspect they might have been steamed or boiled before being battered and submersed in hot oil.  What made this awesome was the spiced salt. 

Would I return? Sure. Now that Good Taste Shanghai is gone, I need to find a new go-to place. This probably won't be the one, but it's comfortable enough. It was somewhat busy when we went, but not too full that we didn't get a table right away. There's also a hot pot option on the menu. 

Total damage for my share: $12.

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