Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Casa Victoria


So here's another post that should have been up a long time ago. 

There are black sesame seeds in the wraps! There's too much meat, and not enough crispy skin in that left piece.


Fancy teapot.

More fancy lights! My eyes! =_=

Would I return? Maybe if someone else were paying. Everything was cooked well, but not super amazing. There's quality and freshness in the dishes, but you're totally (over)paying for it. I think we visited this place last year before summer, and I remember the restaurant being really hot inside. Also, blinding bling everywhere! 

I appreciated the servers portioning each platter, but this style of eating Chinese food is better suited for a (bling!) wedding than a casual get-together. 

The desserts were pretty cool. 

Total damage: $32.75 per person. I think this is the most expensive Chinese food I've ever had to pay for. BLING! =_=

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