Saturday, July 9, 2011

Toronto à la Cart

Toronto a la Cart (Yonge and Finch)

Just south of Yonge and Finch, in front of the Shoppers Drug Mart, one can usually find a huddle of people around a Korean food stand at night. This is the only Toronto a la Cart location where I've actually spotted patrons. There are some interesting offerings, including kimchi dumplings, the red bean fish-shaped waffles, squid balls, pork belly bacon, and cup noodles. Since the nearby H Mart no longer sells the fish-shaped red bean waffles, this is a pretty good alternative at a price of 3 for $2. Though I must say that they didn't look as nice as the ones that Galleria used to have. 

Jo tried the fish cake in soup ($1) and squid balls.
Everyone seemed to like the MSG-filled broth that came with the fish cake. The squid balls were kind of like crab cake consistency, and not really exciting. They were also a bit dry inside.

Cup noodles ($3.50)
This actually looked like it came in a coffee cup. Jo said she saw them use a whole pack of noodles and was pleased with what she got. The broth seemed to be the same as the fish cake broth, but pepper was added so it was a bit spicier. 

Would I return? Yes, considering that I didn't get anything from there yet. Those cup noodles also looked pretty cool. This could easily provide a cheap dinner on the go.

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