Saturday, July 23, 2011

Johnny Rockets


They have cool straw holders... but it'd make me feel a little better if the straws were individually wrapped.

My Route 66 burger and fries. 
The cheese made the burger. The onions were very flavourful as well. Along with the mushrooms, it was like omelette contents in a burger without the egg. The fries were hot, fresh, and crispy, but they could've used seasoning. That being said, I was fine with making snow with the salt shaker.

Jo's burger and fries.

The actual meat in the burger was of decent thickness, but so dry. It was so dry that it made me a little sad. Jo agreed that the meat in her burger was dry, but she said it was passable towards the centre of hers. I guess I got the hockey puck. 

Would I return? I don't know. It seemed a little pricey for such a dry burger. The worst part was that everything except the meat was fine. Jo seemed to like the bun as it reminded her of the Filet-o-fish buns from McD's. 

Total damage: $17 for my burger, fries and Sprite.

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