Monday, July 25, 2011


The website has no affiliation with this restaurant, which makes me wonder why they named it so. The name and outdoor pictures are a little misleading. I was expecting a large variety of sushi rolls and the like, but their actual selection of rolls is confined to a small corner of their menu. I didn't take a long look at the list, but from what I glanced over, there weren't any/many of the raw fish kinds. The menu seemed to be mostly Korean food.

Dumpling ramen.
It is dressed up instant noodles, with bits of egg and some cut up vegetables that I appreciated.

Renée's ramen with cheese.
I thought it was gross when my friend would add processed cheese to her instant noodles back in the day. Maybe she was onto something. 

Candies with the bill.
These had a really cute packaging that Renée was excited about.

Would I return? Probably not by choice, but maybe for the fact that most of the other restaurants and eateries in the same building don't open until 3 p.m. on Sundays. Most of the noodles on the menu are spicy. It was hard to find something acceptable for Renée. The staff seemed pretty indifferent towards us, and were way more responsive to the TV; however, they didn't ignore us when we asked for stuff like more water and the bill.

Total damage: $6 for my noodles.

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