Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pickle Barrel

Sun - Thurs 8 a.m. - 11 p.m. (-midnight for bar)
Fri - Sat 8 a.m. - midnight (-1 a.m. for bar)

In addition to their really thick regular Grand menu, there was a special limited time offer menu which offered a deli sandwich and a Coke beverage for $9.99. 
Montreal smoked meat sandwich and fries.
The fries were crispy, and needing salt. The meat was warm, plentiful, and a good amount of fattiness. Andrew said that he likes all coleslaw except the coleslaw from Pickle Barrel. It tasted like it had been seasoned with Italian salad dressing.

Andrew's brownie dessert.
This was larger than I had expected. It came with vanilla frozen yogurt and a cherry on top.

My chocolate chip muffin dessert. 
The top was gigantic and it was crunchy. It was just as good as the one I got from the other Pickle Barrel. Pickle Barrel muffins ftw!

Would I return? Sure. They have chocolate chip muffins that I like! :D

Total damage: $9.99 for the sandwich and Sprite + $1.25 for the muffin + tax + tip.

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