Wednesday, September 21, 2011


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The MSG crackers are back (in my life)!
This brand seems to add more spices or something to the rice crackers that sets it apart from the others. I can see how someone might be turned off by the extra flavour, but I love it. If I think "fish sauce", it sort of tastes like that. They're very addictive, and I managed to finish a whole bag (with a bit of help) in one go.

Renée spotted some milk tea drinks on sale (3 for $1.98). 
She's pretty good at discovering new drinks. I liked it! They tasted like legit milk tea, and not too sweet. I haven't tried the green one yet. It should be noted that they're on sale because they expire within the next month. The green ones will last until October, but the brown ones are best before September something.

Walnut-shaped pastries filled with red bean (2 boxes for $5).
Mel said she wouldn't be able to finish two boxes, and generously gave one to me. Yay! :D

They're jam packed with red bean paste. I like the cool walnut shape too. 

Would I return? Yes. Not sure if it's because the stuff I buy at Galleria is more exciting than at a normal grocery store so that when I get to the checkout, the sheer joy is in my face and the cashier only mirrors that, or if the staff there really are just more polite, friendly, and approachable - regardless of what language they're speaking to me in. For the past two times that I've been there, I haven't come across the apathetic, bored/annoyed-looking cashiers that I see at other places. This time, I was greeted properly (even if it was in Korean - that's okay), and the cashier even smiled a seemingly genuine smile. It's like whoa. On my previous visit, I was even handed back change with two hands. (I'm still not over that.)

I don't know how they tax things. My MSG crackers had no tax, but the bottled milk teas did have tax. Mel's discount boxed food and walnut cakes that came to about $12? No tax. It seems that only bottled drinks were taxed, but not packaged junk food or end of day "fresh" food. 

Total damage: $2.24 for the 3 milk teas + $4.98 for the 2 packages of MSG rice crackers.

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