Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Owl


We walked all along Yonge Street to find a suitable restaurant for my guests from out of town. We settled on the Korean 24/7 joint called The Owl of Minerva. 

Lauren wanted the dumplings in one of the pictures on the wall, but had a hard time finding it in the menu. Her being allergic to pork, the waiter assured her that they were beef. 
She seemed to like them, and they looked quite crispy.

Some of the bonus sides:

John's order of something with raw squid and stuff. I can't really remember what else was in it, but it did look like a platter of spiciness. 

My bibimbap.
Filling, sizzling, and delicious. I try not to stir it too much because I like the hard, crunchy rice chunks that get browned at the bottom of the stone bowl. 

Would I return? Yes. It's easy to see why this place can get pretty packed. The food is good value and the small potential for language barrier makes it seem authentic. Also, they're open all day every day. I'm sure I'll have a hankering for Korean food at 4 a.m. sometime soon. 

Total damage: free for me thanks to my guests! 

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