Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pho Hung


There was a bowl of chilli peppers on the table before we arrived. Of course, such a thing would tempt someone to eat them raw.

#3 small beef brisket and rare beef pho ($6)
The beef was indeed rare, and it was also soft. I liked the strong flavour of the broth, and the noodles were pretty filling. 

Would I return? Sure. The pho is decently priced and has good flavour. Service is efficient, as it is in many Asian places. 


  1. people DOOOO eat chill peppers raw. they carry peppers in their purse wherever they go, and they alternate their food bites with pepper bites. i've heard this from multiple people who've seen their friends do this and asked about it. it's just what they do, wherever they're from... U WANNA TRY!?

  2. Try carrying peppers in my purse and eating them with whatever? Hmm... maybe when I have a crazy sinus problem. :P That actually might be soon...