Monday, September 19, 2011

Domi Café

Time for something brand new. This small snack café opened up really recently. It's so new that the staff seemed green. Based on the menu on the wall and my flawless (sarcasm) deductive skills, I think "domi" describes the fish-shaped fluffy waffle like food product that they offer with different fillings. I actually didn't know what they were selling at first, but they've since put up pictures on the outside of their storefront. The wall menu inside is a bit awkwardly placed on the left side of the café, while the counter is opposite on the right. 

Some of the filling options were red bean, red bean with cream cheese, custard, red bean with walnut, and some sort of berry mixture that I blocked from memory. As we walked in, a girl on her way out told us to try the ones with cream cheese. So I got the red bean and cream cheese one.

It was a little strange, as the guy took one of the pre-made ones, and shoved it back into the waffle maker mould. Jo mentioned that it was weird, putting an already shaped waffle back into the waffle maker. I agree with her, but it did toast the edges nicely. 

It was way thicker than I had expected. There was also a lot more red bean filling than I was ready for. The waffle was fluffy, and denser than angel cake. The cream cheese added a savoury taste to the treat, but I think I might've preferred it without. I felt like the waffle part could have been sweeter, but that just might be because I was thrown off by the cream cheese.

Would I return? I think I might. It seems like a good place for a quick, affordable snack. If I manage to get one made fresh, it has the potential to be very exciting. I'm also a fan of how much red bean they shoved into it. This snack lasted me the length of a drive from there to downtown. 

On a random note, I feel like there a lot of Korean snacks (mostly red bean kinds) shaped like fish.

Total damage: I think it was $2.16, or some weird number like that.

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