Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Villa Malaysia

Villa Malaysia (140 York Boulevard, Richmond Hill, Ontario)

The owners of the popular Restoran Malaysia decided to open up a sister restaurant where Spezzo used to be. Right as we walked in, we all noted that the bar area to the left looked really nice. It was pretty empty on the Sunday evening that we went. I recall seeing one other table in our area, and a reasonably sized group of people in the private dining room.

Kari ayam
There wasn't much on the plate, but what was on it tasted okay enough. I think Chris's words when the food came out was, "where's the rest of it?"

Kerabu asparagus
Crunchy and properly cooked. I enjoyed the lime vinaigrette and roasted coconut bits. I think this was my favourite plate of the night.

Grilled skewers
The peanut sauce tasted extremely peanuty. Andrea liked this, but Kevin did not. I enjoyed the sauce, and the small chunks of peanut in it. It was necessary in masking the meat. The meat was terrible that day, and I have no idea why. It was overcooked, which resulted in a chewy, hard lump. We had skewers at the taste of Danforth earlier that day, and they were much better, not to mention a fraction of the cost.

Would I return? I might be a bit hesitant. The meat sticks were huge disappointments, but the asparagus was pretty good. The prices and portions make me want to go and wait two hours at Restoran Malaysia instead, but the service is pretty friendly and attentive. They try hard there. The design is nice and a bit simple in the room we were in. I feel like the restaurant is attempting to fit in with some of the others in the area (e.g. Moxie's, Marlowe, Keg). 

Total damage: $45.48 for all the food in the pictures. (Fed two people.)

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