Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ap ku jung

Ap ku jung(6309 Yonge Street, North York)
(416) 229-6248

Complimentary side dishes
I like the tofu and the potatoes. And that green stuff.

Ginseng chicken.
The server comes with a giant pot of soup. Inside is the chicken, young ginseng, potatoes, etc.

After the soup boils a bit on the table, the server comes and serves each person sharing the dish their share of the chicken.
The first time I had this, the meat was moist and pretty good with the red hot sauce that is provided. Other times, the first few bites are moist, but then the chicken quickly becomes a dry, bland, stringy affair.

After the chicken is removed, noodles are put into the same soup. Again, each person's portion is served by the staff at the table.
I quite enjoy the green noodles. There's a plumpness to them that can be appreciated. The soup infuses a nice amount of flavours to the noodles as well.

Rice is poured into the cooking pot that formerly held the noodles. And after some thorough cooking, the result is chicken soup flavoured congee!
I prefer the thicker congee, so I like it when the rice cooks in the pot longer. The potatoes are mashed in the pot (by the server, usually) for added thickness. 


Renée introduced me to this ginseng chicken dish, and I really must thank her for that because it's kind of great. It uses one pot and wastes nothing. That one dish yields soup, chicken, noodles, and congee. My favourite part of the meal are the noodles and the sauce that goes with the chicken. The baby ginseng is edible, but it's not for everyone.

Would I return? Yes, but most likely in the winter. It's a little warm to eat so much hot food in the summer.

Total damage: I think it's about $15 per person.

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