Thursday, December 1, 2011


I could have sworn that I posted about this place before (and how its parking looks complicated and how Jo thought the apple tart looked awesome), but I can't seem to find the post... [Edit: found it.]

Pistachio cheesecake ($4.99)
It's simply decorated with chocolate sauce. It wasn't as pistachio-y as I thought it'd be, but the cheesecake was good consistency. Jo and Renée couldn't taste the pistachio at all, but they thought it was a good cheesecake.

Hazelnut mousse cake ($4.99)
This cake was way more exciting. The candied nutty sides were fancy and delicious. The mousse wasn't too heavy or sweet. There were two layers inside. The little chocolate slice on top has the name Rahier.

Would I return? Yes. This place feels very clean and comfortable with high ceilings. The staff is super polite. Most of the cakes look really fancy. The only thing is that Jo found their coffee tasteless. I can't remember which cake I had on my last visit, but I remember liking that one too. 

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