Friday, December 16, 2011


Ichiban Sushi (262 Queens Quay West, Toronto)

Kirin beer
This visit was back when I was still trying to find Asahi Black again. The server did not know such a beer existed (sad face). So then I went with Kirin. I wanted to try it since the last Kirin I had was skunky and gross. It wasn't bad. I'm going to have to have a day where I sample all the popular Japanese beers in a row so I know which one I like best. 

Random mini noodle soup thing!
Tastes like umami. 

No tomatoes in salad, but they do have the dressing I've come to expect and like in sushi restaurants.

The tempura that came with my tempura udon was crispy and quite flaky.

Udon noodles were very filling. That was a pretty big bowl, even for me.

Would I return? I don't have a reason not to. Can't really complain about the food, but it's hard to mess up udon and shrimp tempura. Heck, it's hard to mess up anything deep-fried. Was a little disappointed that our server didn't know that Asahi Black existed, but at least she knows now. There are many other locations that would make this a convenient place for sushi/udon cravings. Price is about average.

Total damage: approximately $20 for Kirin + tempura udon.

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