Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Phoenix Restaurant


Satay beef sandwich
I just wanted a light snack instead of a full second dinner. Jo and Renée laughed at me when I ordered it. Jo said it sounded like something I would make. Maybe that's why I liked it. It tastes like... meat that belongs on rice but is stuck between two pieces of white bread. Works for me! Beef was flavourful (not necessarily very satay) and not overcooked.

Jo ordered a way fancier course meal:
It started with a warm, toasted, buttered to the max mini croissant and spinach soup. Jo pointed out the fancy sprinkling of herbs that we wouldn't have expected from a place like this.

Next was the escargots that came on puffs of mashed potato. I'm pretty sure they were from a can, but at least they were full of garlic flavour. 

Jo's main course was fried chicken Japanese style.
That chicken was good. And there was so much. Jo kept cutting pieces and shoving it at my plate. 

Dessert was also more than expected. The presentation was nice, and Jo and I both thought she'd simply get a bowl of ice cream. The middle ball is a frozen cream puff. The cube on the right is frozen cheesecake. It was a little too frozen to eat immediately.

Would I return? Sure. Where else can I get things like satay beef sandwich? Their milk tea is also decent. Their thick toasts also look pretty exciting as I saw one go by us.

Total damage: $7 for my milk tea and sandwich. Jo's meal was something like $16 + tax + tip.

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