Monday, April 11, 2011

Potato Dish and Other Random Food

Ever since Agnes took us to that Polish restaurant, I've been craving potato dumplings. Since potatoes were on sale for super cheap, I decided to attempt to make some. I found some recipes to use as guidelines that I would not follow precisely. It seemed easy enough... 

It starts with mashed potatoes.
Already, I had issues. I don't own a potato masher, nor do I have a potato ricer. I had chopsticks and an unsturdy fork. So of course, there were lumps. I probably could've mashed longer, but I was hungry and impatient.

After boiling it, it came out like this:

Then this:

I packaged it with some browned onions and garlic.

 It tasted like boiled mashed potato clumps.

I suppose if I had made them nicer before boiling them, they would've came out nicer. But again, I was hungry, and I'm not really a fan of touching stuff with that kind of sticky, doughy consistency.

Tried something a little different later with the leftover mashed potatoes. I thought I might fry them up. Kind of like gnocchi, I guess.
For the first batch, I actually forgot to boil them first. They came out tasting like... fried mashed potato clumps.

I even started rolling it into a snake.

The fried ones that were boiled first had much more of a dumpling skin like consistency. It reminded me of empty fried Chinese dumplings. And since I didn't have any more patience to make a sauce for it, I ate  the potato "dumplings" the only way I knew how to eat dumplings...
with soy sauce. ;)

I'll try again someday when I have more time...


Breakfast of champions: egg sandwich with spinach, banana bread, grapes, and a glass of orange juice.

"Salad" 2.
spinach, pear slices, red grapefruit.

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