Sunday, April 3, 2011


A promotion involved a free McDonald's breakfast biscuit sandwich (which isn't actually called McBiscuit, but they should've labelled it as such).

Sausage 'n egg biscuit.

The egg is scrambled and folded, unlike in the McMuffins. That makes the height of this monster a couple jaw clicks taller. The buttermilk biscuit is very fluffy and buttery. It is so buttery that even though I only held the sandwich through the paper, my hands had shiny visible grease drops when I finished eating. Either the paper is that porous or the grease is that potent. The first bite is heart attack awesomeness, but I felt like I needed to run a marathon when I was done... or take a nap.

Would I order this again? Probably not... unless it was free. I'm good with the Sausage McMuffin with egg combo (#2). This calorie-laden biscuit thing is a whole other monster that I'm not ready to subject my body to regularly. 

Total damage: free, thanks to their promotion!

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