Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hana Korea

Hana Korea (45 Baldwin Street, Toronto)

New soju for me to try!
The English says, "Chum-Churum Cool". I'll assume that's the brand. I feel like this bottle was larger than the previous soju bottles I've had. It managed to fill up about ten shot glasses. At $15, it is slightly more expensive than the $10 Jinro bottles I get at the Korean restaurants near Yonge and Finch. The fun folks I shared this with said that it tasted like a mixture of vodka and sake. Well, I think it goes down a little easier than vodka. 

Complimentary appetizers.
Shred of cooked broccoli, fried omelette thing, staple Korean glass noodles. 

I got the seafood ramen noodles.
It was the cheapest thing on the menu, and it's basically dressed up packaged instant noodles. There were maybe two small octopus bits that almost seemed like they were in there by accident. It's more seafood flavoured noodles than seafood noodles.

Would I return? Perhaps, but I wouldn't get the same order again. I feel like the daily lunch special might be more worth it though. The bibimbap looked decent. 

Total damage: approximately $20 for the bottle of soju and the noodles. 

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