Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cafe Princess


Renée likes this place probably because it's called Cafe Princess. So we checked it out. Our group was on the larger side so they gave us one of the private rooms in the back. With the room in the back, it certainly had the feel of being at home. Can't say I saw much of the rest of the place. 

I can't remember what drink I ordered... mocha latte perhaps?

Andrea's banana split
IT's decorated with fruits and Pocky sticks.

Jess's taro (or was it sweet potato) latte. 
When we asked the server if this new drink was any good, she hesitated before saying that some customers liked it and some didn't. Honesty is a bonus. I tried a bit of it and thought it tasted strange.

Renée's waffle. 
With their cakes being of the La Rocca variety you can get at Loblaws, this is probably one of the more exciting things this place has to offer. The scoops of ice cream are quite large, and there's a wafer cookie! It's also priced cheaper than say, Caffe Demetre. 

Would I return? Sure. It's a nice place that's pretty quiet and peaceful. The food and drinks aren't spectacular, but it seems like a relaxing place to hang out, couches and all. 

Total damage: approximately $5 for my drink.

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